1. Die Existenzbedingungen der Bevölkerung

    Ich fragte mich heute ernsthaft, ob ich wahnsinnig werde. Es soll ja vorkommen, das Angehörige einer Weltuntergangssekte eine gestörte Wirklichkeitswahrnehmung entwickeln. In den Zeitungen und auf den Plattformen der Netzmonopole wird euphorisch über die Symptome der Welt geschrieben. Zumindest über …

  2. Scheitern der Vereinigung

    A translation1 of Judith Wright's Failure of Communion2.

    Scheitern der Vereinigung

    Was ist der Raum dazwischen,
    der uns umschließt in eine
    vereinte Person, dennoch
    jede einsam trennt.

    Brüchige Brücken queren von Auge
    zu Auge, von Fleisch zu Fleisch …

  3. Climate Development

    If the catastrophic development of climate worries you, because of all the damage it will do to you, your business and your investment, don't worry anymore …

  4. Kategorischer Imperativ

    "Handle so, daß die Maxime deines Willens jederzeit zugleich als Princip der Maximierung deines Profits gelten könne."1

    1. Kant, Kritik der oekonomischen Unvernunft 

  5. Aufgelistet

    Kurt Tucholsky, 1890-1935
    Wolfgang Borchert, 1921-1947
    Bertolt Brecht, 1898-1956
    Hermann Hesse, 1877-1962
    Hannah Arendt, 1906-1975
    Heinrich Böll, 1917-1985
    Günter Grass, 1927-2015

    ?? Martin Walser, 1927-
    ? Juli Zeh, 1974-

    Wo sind sie?

  6. On the power of global digital behavior

    Technologies are not the devices. They are the practices of their usage. In data capitalism also the devices are consumed, but what matters (well yes, it matters ultimately, measurable in carbon dioxide parts per million) is the consumption of information …

  7. Naked Life

    Once my father wanted me to draw the life cycle of a human being. It was a time when people still used transparent plastic films on overhead projectors for presentations. So I drew the cycle with coloured indelible markers on …

  8. Iphigenie, das Mitleid und der Krieg

    Als die Griechen gen Troja segelten, war ihre Motivation nicht, Helena zu befreien. Nach allem was man hörte, hatte Helena gar kein Bedürfnis nach Befreiung. Sie entschied sich, mit Paris zu gehen. Im Denken der Griechen war ihre Entscheidung irrelevant …

  9. Meaning as a limited resource

    In modernity energy became the general principle. But energy alone does not suffice. Energy has an informational aspect. It can degrade. The same amount of energy may be useful to drive a change; or it may be a gray soup …

  10. The Yellowhammer

    I walked through a countryside. I had field glasses with me. I came to a farmstead. The buildings framed an inner courtyard on its sides. In the courtyard I saw a Yellowhammer, a songbird not unexpected in this rural area …

  11. Beginnings

    Wikipedia has no entry for beginning;1 although its entry on philosophy makes use of the words beginning, beginnings, beginners, begins, originated, originating, original, origin, origins and, well truly, Originalveröffenlichung, 75 times. The begin and the beginnings are disambiguated and …

  12. Virtual Warfare

    Virtual Warfare
    by Thomas Gsella1

    For cows there are glasses
    Feigning land they can graze.
    On "green pastures" time passes
    And their soul, it sways.

    Same now for the commanding holders,
    Its effect: amazing.
    Be they Russian, Ukrainian,
    Atlantic …

  13. Stroboskopisches Flackern

    Das Verbrechen von Julian Assange war, dass er das Bild, welches die USA von sich erschaffen, öffentlich widerlegt hat – oder zumindest seine inhärenten Widersprüche in das Licht der Medienscheinwerfer gebracht hat.

    Isolationshaft – massive psychische Folter – war die Folge.

    Jede darf …

  14. Flatlined

    Die meisten Menschen, mit denen ich in's Gespräch komme, sind flatlined. Sie denken nicht über sich selbst hinaus, nicht hinaus über den Rahmen, den Ihnen die Gesellschaft setzt. Sie bemerken den Rahmen nicht einmal; wie Fische, die nicht bemerken, dass …

  15. Crisis in Life

    William James: "I think that yesterday was a crisis in my life."

  16. In Chains

    On occasion of current events a poem by William Carlos Williams, because1

    My heart rouses  
        thinking to bring you news  
            of something  
    that concerns you  
        and concerns many men. Look at  
            what passes for the new.  
    You will not …
  17. The Lee Shore

    Another translation. A classic, this time. Herman Melville's Moby Dick, chapter 23.

  18. Proof that the moon exists

    A comic for people who doubt the existence of SARS-CoV-2 because (as they say) the virus hadn't been properly isolated.

  19. Lost

    Another translation. Without rhyme.

  20. Wirklich ist, was existiert

    Draußen rufen die Glocken zur Feier des neuen Jahrs. Dem Anlass angemesen beginne ich das Jahr 2022 n. Chr. mit der Lektüre eines Kirchenvaters.

    Augustinus. Zwei Bücher mit Selbstgesprächen. Zweites Buch. "In welchem Augustinus ausführlich das Wahre und Falsche erörtert …

  21. Textanalyse

    "Der gute Hirt als Gegenbild zu Dieben und Räubern", eine Textanalyse.

  22. Der Heuhaufen

    Als ich jung und unbedarft war, hatte ich die Idee, dass wenn man Bücher läse, ihr Gehalt sich ablagerte, wie auf einem Heuhaufen.

    Fibern der Gedanken.

    Fasereiweiße des Gerüsts,
    an dem sich die Ideen der Autoren empor gerankt hatten.

    Der …

  23. Natural Science

    Keine Frage, eine Geschichte, ein Koan, ein Haiku und ein Gedicht.

  24. The Sulking God and the Beauty of Nature

    Orthodoxy has no doubt, no uncertainty, no question for the world, only demands.

    The knowledge of science is temporary and uncertain. It can dissolve with the next experiment, to nothing.

    That a theory can fail the world, demonstrates however the …

  25. About Friends

    An old lady shared her fortune cookies with me. We read the texts to each other. Mine was: "Ein großartiges Schicksal ist ihnen geweiht, warten Sie geduldig." Your destiny is great, be patient.

    Hers read like: "Wenn Alle gehen, dann …

  26. Aneignung durch Übersetzen

    This is a translation to German from fragments of Tommy Pico's Nature Poem.1

    I thought, as I didn't write it myself, I can at least translate parts of it. See it as an exposé. If there is a publisher …

  27. Sliding Puzzle

    In the third episode of my adventures in idea land I am confronted by idea mechanics and try to close the gap of a sliding puzzle. My adventuresomely struggles play out, this time, on the stage set by chapter 5 …

  28. This post isn't me

    In the second episode of my adventures in idea land I meet a painter who believes that he is a portrait. The painter appears as a background actor in chapter 3 of Bernardo Kastrup's book The idea of the world …

  29. Colours of Idealism

    I got a new interest. Or maybe I'm just treading old paths. Having nothing better to do, I went to look what Susan Blackmore has been up to recently. I found her taking part in a debate at the online …

  30. Anthropoceneian Slight

    Galileian slight: We thought, earth was at the center of the world. Turned out, it wasn't.

    Darwinian slight: We thought, man was the purpose of creation. Turned out, he wasn't.

    Freudian slight: We thought, we had command of our selfs …

  31. The Twenties

    I'm not sure what this text is. Could be thoughts rambling on a cyberpunk background, loosely bracketed by the 1920ies at their head and the 2020ies at their tail. Could be more. It works by association.

    First I was idly …

  32. Adb Backup Deprecated

    I just realized that the backup function of adb is deprecated since May 20191. This functionality is part of my beeing-independent-from-google setup. So my first thought was: Is google trying to force users not to bypass their cloud?

    A …

  33. Deviation of Topic

    By Findus

    This blog started as a review of 12 Rules for life. I haven't posted anything since almost two years. That's because I became frustrated with Peterson's rules and stopped reading after only two chapters. Peterson flaunting the erudite intelectual still …

  34. Web Search by the People

    Yacy is, by its own definition, a distributed Web Search Engine based on a peer-to-peer network. I tried to run a peer (again). Here's a résumé of my general thoughts.

    What speaks for yacy:

    It tries to solve a prevalent …

  35. All the Females

    By Findus

    Jordan Peterson draws the paradise of a succeful male lobster as follows1:

    If you’re a number one, the highest level of status, you’re an overwhelming success. If you’re male, you have preferential access to the best …

  36. Science or Fable?

    By Findus

    A fable is a fictional story, featuring animals or other creatures, with the purpose to deliver a moral lesson. So, what is Jordan Peterson's own take of his lobster story1? Or, in his words:

    Why is all this relevant …

  37. Continual Chaos of Carnage

    By Findus

    Do all lobsters fight for territory and dominance? No, they don't. There are lobsters and ... lobsters. Here is what Jordan Peterson wants us to believe the world of all lobsters looks like:1

    Lobsters live on the ocean floor. They …

  38. Brains in Dissolution

    By Findus

    Have you ever felt your brain transforming to a lump of jelly when you encountered something contradicting all prior knowledge and experience? Well, maybe then you can imagine how my brain felt when it digested the following statement in Jordan …

  39. Sweeping Avian Diseases

    By Findus

    Here's another tidbit emanating from Jordan Peterson's fulminant erudition:

    If a contagious avian disease sweeps through a neighbourhood of well-stratified songbirds, it is the least dominant and most stressed birds, occupying the lowest rungs of the bird world, who are …

  40. Fun with Lobsters

    Jordan Peterson recommends warmly1 to read this book2 I am going to quote from. "If you want to do some serious thinking about lobsters", he says, "this is a good place to start". Well okay, let's do some …