Articles by Findus

  1. Deviation of Topic

    By Findus

    This blog started as a review of 12 Rules for life. I haven't posted anything since almost two years. That's because I became frustrated with Peterson's rules and stopped reading after only two chapters. Peterson flaunting the erudite intelectual still …

  2. All the Females

    By Findus

    Jordan Peterson draws the paradise of a succeful male lobster as follows1:

    If you’re a number one, the highest level of status, you’re an overwhelming success. If you’re male, you have preferential access to the best …

  3. Science or Fable?

    By Findus

    A fable is a fictional story, featuring animals or other creatures, with the purpose to deliver a moral lesson. So, what is Jordan Peterson's own take of his lobster story1? Or, in his words:

    Why is all this relevant …

  4. Continual Chaos of Carnage

    By Findus

    Do all lobsters fight for territory and dominance? No, they don't. There are lobsters and ... lobsters. Here is what Jordan Peterson wants us to believe the world of all lobsters looks like:1

    Lobsters live on the ocean floor. They …

  5. Brains in Dissolution

    By Findus

    Have you ever felt your brain transforming to a lump of jelly when you encountered something contradicting all prior knowledge and experience? Well, maybe then you can imagine how my brain felt when it digested the following statement in Jordan …

  6. Sweeping Avian Diseases

    By Findus

    Here's another tidbit emanating from Jordan Peterson's fulminant erudition:

    If a contagious avian disease sweeps through a neighbourhood of well-stratified songbirds, it is the least dominant and most stressed birds, occupying the lowest rungs of the bird world, who are …

  7. Fun with Lobsters

    Jordan Peterson recommends warmly1 to read this book2 I am going to quote from. "If you want to do some serious thinking about lobsters", he says, "this is a good place to start". Well okay, let's do some …