Articles by Spencer

  1. Anthropoceneian Slight

    Galileian slight: We thought, earth was at the center of the world. Turned out, it wasn't.

    Darwinian slight: We thought, man was the purpose of creation. Turned out, he wasn't.

    Freudian slight: We thought, we had command of our selfs. Turned out, we haven't.

    Anthropoceneian slight: We thought, we'd control …

  2. The Twenties

    I'm not sure what this text is. Could be thoughts rambling on a cyberpunk background, loosely bracketed by the 1920ies at their head and the 2020ies at their tail. Could be more. It works by association.

    First I was idly looking up when William Gibson's Agency might be published.1 …

  3. Adb Backup Deprecated

    I just realized that the backup function of adb is deprecated since May 20191. This functionality is part of my beeing-independent-from-google setup. So my first thought was: Is google trying to force users not to bypass their cloud?

    A short article was published on xda2 after a tip …

  4. Web Search by the People

    Yacy is, by its own definition, a distributed Web Search Engine based on a peer-to-peer network. I tried to run a peer (again). Here's a résumé of my general thoughts.

    What speaks for yacy:

    It tries to solve a prevalent and urgent problem: The hegemonic1 ownership of indexes to …