Deviation of Topic

This blog started as a review of 12 Rules for life. I haven't posted anything since almost two years. That's because I became frustrated with Peterson's rules and stopped reading after only two chapters. Peterson flaunting the erudite intelectual still rubs me the wrong way. But I came to the conclusion that it's not worth to bother with his mistakes.

Now I'm going to appropriate this blog for other stuff. I think it's silly to make up a new blog whenever something new catches my interest. In case there are still any unlikely readers left who mainly hold interest in Peterson's flaws, I'm going to post (if at all) about these with Findus as author. While the other stuff I have in mind now, will be posted with Spencer as the author.

Happy reading, and feel welcome to comment via mail.

Update. A reader writes (in Aug 2018):

Have you written more on the Jordan Peterson book since February? I hope you do. I found your site after struggling to understand what he could mean by the brain "dissolving," and then noticing that he cited a crayfish study for a lobster conclusion. I couldn't believe how few people were commenting on this obvious (and early) flaw in his book. Thanks for what you've written; I appreciate it.

Okay, if anybody wants to suggest a concrete topic related to Peterson, just mail it, and I'll consider writing about it. :)